Let this love live until I'm gone

by Lonely Animals

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released August 20, 2014

Nous aimerions remercier tous les gens qui ont participé à l'émancipation de Lonely Animals et à la création de ce projet. Frank Laplante Beaudette, Jonathan Juneau et David Mitchell pour nous avoir donné la chance de performer sur scène, Samuel Jennis Arsenault pour nous avoir permis de débuter le groupe et d'avoir essayé d'incorporer des ''breakdowns'' dans notre musique, les gars de Nous Étions pour le support, l'aide et l'amour incroyable qu'ils nous ont fournis. Martin Blondeau pour nous avoir pris en photo plusieurs fois. La mère de Gabriel pour nous avoir endurés pendant des mois à pratiquer dans son sous-sol, Jérôme Desrosiers pour son incroyable rôle de ''roadie'', tous ceux qui ont chanté sur l'album: Elsa Gonthier, Alexandra Laflamme, Vincent Dufour, Fannie Vien, Noée-Rose Gingras-Leblanc. Toute l'équipe de Vakarme, tous ceux qui sont venu à nos spectacles, qui nous ont supporté de quelconques façons. Finalement Pierre-Luc Paquin, pour avoir participé à l'écriture des chansons en temps qu'ex-membre, pour sa sagesse infinie, pour nous avoir prêté énormément de matériel et pour finalement avoir été le papa du band.



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Lonely Animals Québec

Lonely Animals is a 4 pieces screamo band located in Quebec city, Canada.

Jean-Christophe - Vocal/Guitar

Lou Manuel - Vocal/Guitar

Garbrielle - Vocal/Bass

Gabriel - Vocal/Drum
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Track Name: Anything
''Can you feel the wind on our skins ?
it's the call of our downfall.
Can you hear its whistle ?
It's telling to give up,
fade away.''
Track Name: Love Poetry
“Writing down these lines has never been so hard.
How can I ever tell you how much I love you?

It all takes place under a beautiful sunset,
somewhere on the sideway of the river.
I bought her flowers, she smiled.
We were like Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century.

I said:
“I could die for you,
as strong as love can be.”

That was the night they promised
to be together through everything.
Each to care for the other,
when old and gray.
A lover's pact,
the most likely to last,
But I'm scared.

À trop s'aimer on n’en vient qu’à souffrir.
À trop s'aimer on en vient à mourir.”
Track Name: Winter Solstice
“When we first met, I felt born again.

I'll always remember how sunny and peaceful it was outside.
No trouble on sight, the sun was shining bright.
It was the day that changed my life.

I had found the reason to push ahead,
never give up,
the reason of my existence.
But now we've lost each other.

Time got the best of us, routine jailed us.
Everything has changed even if nothing has moved.

Maybe I don't feel worthy enough.
Maybe I can't accept happiness.
Maybe everything I love, I destroy.

We used to stand like the tallest trees in the tempest.
What is happening to us?
This is the winter of our life and I don’t know if we'll make it through.”
Track Name: Nothing
''As i gaze the horizon,
thick black clouds swallows us.
In grief with ourselves,
Track Name: The Saddest Landscape
“I know, I’m trying my best
to keep you safe here with me.
But like my whole life,
I’ve failed

I don't wanna live like the old dying man,
counting his last few days,
feeling his last heartbeat,
and knowing that he lost the biggest part of his life.

Her perfume took my memories away,
I can't feel anymore,
her hand in my hair,
her lips on my neck.

And now you leave my bed empty,
cold as winter.
I've never felt so empty and lost.
All those pictures hanging on these cracked walls.

I feel like burning,
I feel like dying,
your love was the saddest landscape of my life.

I'm so sorry,
I tried so hard.
And I know that one day I'll find you dying in the dark.”
Track Name: Dead Birds Don't Sing
“All I bring to this world, misery.

Like a raven that brings sickness,
or a crow who announces death.
I am hatred, impurity and selfishness.

I'm a black bird of misfortune.
Au revoir.

Everything I undertake is deception.
Anything I feel is depression.
All I have left is the realisation
that death's my only obsession.

I'll fly up high, fall down, and never get back up.

Lifeless like a flower that got his root cut.
It feels like I'm the last leaf of a dying tree.
Colorblind, I see life in grey.
Days become nights, clear skies turn to rain.
Contact is lost with this world, I'm gone for good.

I hit the ground, my heart stop, I am dead.
My rotting carcass on the ground, everything's over.
I am nothing and I've never been anything.

Let the vultures eat my corpse,
let them wallow,
let them delight.”